Introducing - Palapa
Nutmeg Liqueur

A smooth & refreshing blend of Balinese Arak with exotic flavours, herbs & spices sourced from all over Indonesia.Palapa is about to hit the market -
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Palapa Story

In December 2019, our founder Dennis Yonasa visited a nutmeg plantation in Cigudeg, Bogor, West Java.He came across a large amount of nutmeg fruit, a by-product of their nutmeg spice production process. This fruit has little commercial value and the local market can only absorb a small amount. Most fruit ends up being composted back into the soil (true for most nutmeg plantations in Indonesia).So Dennis thought: “Why don't we try to make a drink from this, an ode to this forgotten fruit."Scroll further to learn more about the product...

Nutmeg Liqueur

Palapa Nutmeg Liqueur is a smooth & refreshing blend of Balinese Arak with exotic flavours, herbs & spices sourced from all over Indonesia.
It is the first in a line-up of exciting and innovative products that showcase the rich flavours that Indonesia has to offer.
Introducing the full & warm flavour of nutmeg fruit as a versatile liqueur, Palapa Nutmeg Liqueur is enriched by a squeeze of passion fruit, a dash of lime and hints of clove, cinnamon and star anise.Enjoy Palapa Nutmeg Liqueur pure on the rocks, with soda or sparkling white, or mixed in your favorite cocktail!ABV: 19%Keep scrolling to see all the ways you can enjoy Palapa...


Palapa Nutmeg Liqueur is not your standard liqueur. Our modern and innovative take on liqueur means you can enjoy Palapa on the rocks for a full-bodied taste, with soda or sparkling white for a summery refresher, or mixed in countless cocktail recipes.Let us share a few of our favorites!Continue on down to see where you can find us, soon...

Available now!

We just launched our first batch of Palapa Nutmeg Liqueur in April 2024.We are proud to have a strong initial line-up of bars and restaurants across Bali and Jakarta who will be the first to serve Palapa to a thirsty audience.

Nutmeg History

Nutmeg, a spice that originates from the Banda Islands in Indonesia, has been highly valued for centuries both for its flavor and its purported medicinal properties. Its rich history is intertwined with global trade, colonial conquests, and cultural traditions

Historical Value: Nutmeg was once so valuable it was worth more than gold, driving European powers to the Spice Islands to control its trade.
Cultural Significance: In many cultures, nutmeg was used not only as a spice but also for its medicinal properties, believed to cure various ailments and ward off plagues.
Economic Impact: The demand for nutmeg shaped historical trade routes and had significant economic implications, leading to the establishment of the Dutch colonial empire in Indonesia.

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