"Warmth & Comfort"

Palapala Fermented Nutmeg Fruits made with responsibility,
locally sourced from our own plantation.
All natural with zero preservatives.

Inside the Cellar

For us, PALAPALA is a ongoing exploration. Contact us to get to know our latest—limited products.
For private consumption only.

Palapala O.G.

This is our staple wine, the original recipe.
Created and perfected through a lot of experimentation and failures.
This unique fruit wine is created from fermented nutmeg fruits that are flavoured with various local spices.Resulting in warmth, and comfort that is derived from the nutmeg itself, and a strong aromatic blend from all of the elements combined.

Palapa La Koktel 'Sour Coral'

We'd like to present you nutmeg based cocktail line; Palapa La Koktel.Our first recipe 'Sour Coral' is blend of Nusantara's spirits mix with Nutmeg juice, passion fruits and pinch of lime.Who doesn't like a glass of refreshing cocktails on the summer?

Ginger Grass

Palapala Ginger Grass is our holiday specialty, a mulled wine.
Based on our nutmeg wine but with more warmth extracted from ginger, lemongrass, and other Nusantara's spices.

Served best the traditional way; simply simmer on low-heat until warm and serve in a mug or with our cup.

Palapala Kakaw

Our favorite selection of nutmeg fruit wine is aged with curated Nusantara's cocoa husks.Bringing you a unique experience with a bitter-sweet flavor and an exclusive aroma.

Stay Safe Stay Sane,
See you around!

A lot of questions have given to us about how to get or buy Palapala products. Currently, we are still at an R&D phase. There is a limitation to publish our product to the market due to our regional regulations. But, don't worry. We are still able to serve you through our private tastings. Please reach us if you're keen to know more about PALAPALA Nutmeg fruit Wine.

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